W.A.R. On Illiteracy

About W.A.R. On Illiteracy


7 Whitehouse Way, Monroe, NJ 08831, USA

The Center of Eternal Life Living Missions has embarked upon a W.A.R. on Illiteracy in Nigeria. 
Pastor Christopher Okwedy and his wife Bridget Okwedy have implemented a 
program where children and adults are being empowered with W-riting, 
A-rithmetic, and R-eading skills. Our mission is to equip children and adults to 
meet the challenges of the 21st century. Despite all the technological 
advancements in the western world, there are children and adults who lack basic 
necessities for living in the world today. Illiteracy is a major part of the problem. 
It is difficult to present basic principles of living where basic necessities are not 
being met. Health problems, housing, family issues are directly related to the 
illiteracy problem. We have implemented a program in Ndoni, a village in the 
Niger Delta region of Nigeria with over 700 students ages 3 years through 
adulthood. It is an intensive after school program where children in an extremely 
impoverished area are learning to read. Although many of the children attend 
school and some are even in high school.... they cannot READ. Our goal is to 
ensure that every child is exposed to the vast opportunities available through 
literacy. We are opening a whole new world of possibilities for children and adults 
who might not have otherwise been empowered.